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Sugar Hair Removal

Have you been Sugared yet?
Today’s Headlines Salon offers one of the safest, all-natural hair removal systems, Alexandria Professional Sugar Hair Removal.

Kelly Becker has been in the beauty industry for over eight years.  In 2014 she obtained her Alexandria Professional Sugaring License and specializes in Women's Brazillians. Being in the industry for so many years has increased her professionalism, and her outgoing, yet soothing personality will make your experience exceptional.  

Kelly says: "Body Sugaring is one of my biggest passions in life. I strive to make sugaring appointments as quick and easy as possible. The service not only saves you time from shaving in your every day life, but will also give you confidence and you will feel great leaving the salon."

Sugar Hair Removal

Body Sugaring is a hair removal system with no added preservatives that works wonders on all skin types. Because of the method of application, one treatment will typically  last a few days to a week longer than would a traditional waxing. The benefits of sugaring include:

-No added preservatives or chemical additives

-Sugar paste does not stick to live skin cells, however does gently exfoliate the dead skin cells

-Generally, following the first treatment of sugaring, clients notice decreased hair growth, while improving the condition of their skin

-Sugar paste is 100% water soluble

-Sugar paste is applied at a lukewarm temperature, so there is no risk of burning the skin

-Sugar paste is never reused to eliminate cross-contamination

Benefits of Body Sugaring verses Waxing

Body Sugaring will:

-Eliminate ingrown hair

-Prevent new ingrown hair

-Extract all hair colors and textures

-Successfully treat all skin types and colors

-Improve the skin's tone and texture

-Treat various skin problems

Waxing can:

-Burn the skin

-Damage the dermal cells

-“Pit” the delicate facial skin cells

-Scar the follicle mouth and/or surrounding area

-Promote cross contamination

-Cause unnecessary discomfort

-Cause ingrown hairs